Technologiya Confirms Compliance with the Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers StandardsNews list 5yierby84smv 25 October 2022 Employees of certifying organization IRI CONS carried out an audit of ORPE Technologiya business management system for compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO/TS 22163:2017. The audit covered divisions involved in design, development and production of railway transport transparencies.ORPE Technologiya Has Increased the Production of Structural Materials for Aviation and SpaceNews list 7hgaitcsqztx 20 October 2022 The volume of output of polymer honeycomb cores, a structural material used in production of items and interior parts for aviation, space and other equipment, increased more than threefold. If in 2021 the enterprise produced about 150 m3 of polymer honeycomb cores, then in the first nine months of 2022 - more than 300 m3. By the end of 2022 the production volume is to be about 500 m3, in 2023 it is also expected to grow by 20% compared to 2022.The Report of ORPE Technologiya Employee on Introduction of Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Methods Was Recognized as the Best at the International Conference ICCT-2022News list kpzgabidvzml 14 October 2022 The report, prepared in co-authorship with Alexander Machikhin, associate professor at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, presented the results of practical work on production of innovative hardware and software complex for non-destructive testing, including an automated stand, a software for digital processing of infrared images and defect detection. Due to bringing the complex into service more than 100 parts from polymer composites were inspected using non-destructive testing method, in eight cases the unacceptable defects were revealed, for correction of which the boundaries of defective zone were specified and repair strategies were developed. As a result of the work and re-inspection, the parts, the total value of which exceeded 50 million rubles, were found to comply with the requirements of the design documentation and allowed for operation.


How the Berkut's Black Wing Was CreatedNews list f8saouwvbvtp 26 September 2022 In 1983, Soviet aircraft designers were tasked with creating a super-manoeuvrable fighter. A forward-swept wing, a new design solution for our aircraft designers, could provide the required flight and technical characteristics. Moreover, it was decided to create a "black wing" made of polymer composite materials. It was a real challenge for the Soviet scientists and designers. In 1999, with enormous resources involved, the task was accomplished when the Su-47 was presented to the public at the MAKS air show. The machine turned out to be a success. The test team said that, unlike the other fighters, this one was "drivable" at extremely low speeds to supersonic speeds. ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin played a significant role in developing the fighter's carbon fibre-reinforced wing. The Test Station of ORPE Technologiya Will Be Able to Certify Products for Civil Aviation News list zejzvawfonwt 14 September 2022 One of the test station's capabilities is to test the transparencies of civil aircraft for bird collision resistance. According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation, several thousand aircraft collisions with birds occur annually worldwide. Given that aircraft flies at a speed of several hundred kilometres per hour, such an incident could lead to severe consequences.Quality Management at ORPE Technologiya Meets Domestic StandardsNews list vuqphdylnefc 8 September 2022 During the inspection of QMS conformity to GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and GOST RV 0015-002-2020, the auditors evaluated the organisation of work of subdivisions of ORPE Technologiya, producing articles from polymer composites and special transparencies for the aerospace industry, including those intended for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. As some of the indicators of a high level of workflow management, the experts considered a 95% level of meeting quality targets, an average number of complaints per product under warranty not exceeding 0.000012% of production, and a high level of management involvement in the QMS. The company's 108 standards and 72 work instructions ensure compliance with the specified product quality requirements. In addition, ORPE Technologiya has developed and implemented a risk and capacity management standard based on monitoring and analysing external and internal factors affecting the manufacturing process of composite products and structural optics.


ORPE Technologiya Reduces Development Time for High-Speed AircraftNews list 1vyx9ra5zbxf 26 April 2022The only technique in Russia certified by Rosstandart makes it possible to reliably determine the dielectric characteristics of structural materials at the design stage in the temperature range up to +1200 °C. This technique makes it possible to reduce the time of development work and laboratory research due to the optimal radio-engineering design and modeling of radio-transparent fairings of high-speed aircraftORPE Technologiya to Increase Supply of Components for the Space IndustryNews list gqnrzuntsyfa 14 April 2022 “In 2021, ORPE Technologiya produced over 250 high-tech products for the space industry. High-tech products of the enterprise are used in almost all domestic projects: reusable spacecraft, Launch vehicles, interplanetary and near-Earth exploration vehicles. The scientific and production potential of Technologiya allows to increase the volume of manufactured products from composite materials. In 2022, we plan to increase the supply of components for the aerospace industry by 30%," said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin.The Railway Transparencies Produced by ORPE Technologiya Complies with the Regulations of the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic CouncilNews list iasky8fovwtf 7 April 2022 The audit was carried out for all production stages. The end-to-end technology approach was applied while checking the technological production systems conditions. The experts evaluated the whole process from technical documentation development and raw materials procurement up to end production acceptance and support divisions activity management.


Protection for the LeaderNews list mek6anrfcxgx 27 January 2022 The history of ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin has a number of projects which realization has defined the development of the whole range of unique directions of the Enterprise activity. One of these projects is creation of blast-proof, bullet-proof and optically transparent sarcophagus for the leader of the Russian Revolution V.I. Lenin’ Mausoleum. Today not many folks know that those innovative solutions which were realized during the work over this project formed the basis for creation of bulletproof glass for different kinds of equipment.The leader of the Russian October Revolution Vladimir Lenin was a national idol but at the same time some attempts were made to assassinate him including ones after his death. The first attempt after his death took place in 1934 when the worker of the collective farm Progress located near Moscow fired a revolver at glass sarcophagus protecting Lenin’s body. In 1959 one of the Mausoleum visitors struck the sarcophagus with hammer. In 1960 an inhabitant of Frunze town jumped over the sarcophagus and crashed it by leg kick. The body was damaged by splinters and the Mausoleum was closed for three months. These facts were recorded practically every year until 1967. In 1967, after another one assassination attempt the decision was made to strengthen both the Mausoleum structure and sarcophagus itself. Specialists of ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin and NITS named after V.F. Solinov were put in charge of creation of brand new extra strong glass cupola for protecting the leader’s body.