ORPE Technologiya presented T-500A at Hydroaviasalon-2018

6 September 2018
ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (a member of RT-Chemcomposite of the Rostec State Corporation) presented a flotation landing gear aircraft Т-500А at Hydroaviasalon-2018. The aircraft with a composite airframe designed in cooperation with MVEN (the Republic of Tatarstan) is a modification of Т-500.

Due to the flotation landing gear the operational capability of Т-500, which has already been nicknamed “flying tractor”, was significantly increased. Т-500А can be applied for patrol, rescue and other activities. The aircraft service does not require special landing strips, and aircraft of this type can be based on the water airdromes, at the river and sea ports and terminals with mooring equipment. Universality of the aircraft particularly provides an opportunity to change a flotation landing gear for a wheel or ski landing gears.

“The project was a success due to the variability of the aircraft applications. Not only agriculture proved to need a low-maintenance cost-effective vehicle. Fire emergency, environmental monitoring, rescue service, water area protection, and even mail delivery to the Far North distant regions – the modification presented is able to remove bottlenecks in many areas. Especially since the composite airframe molding technology makes it possible to use the vehicle in any climatic conditions – from subtropics to the Arctic Regions”, said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

Т-500А will be irreplaceable for work on rivers and lakes surrounded by large forest areas, and small freight delivery (up to 500 kg) to the distant regions. Additionally, the modification can be equipped with rescue and evacuation means, or a system for a quick intake of 400 l of water with alighting run on the water surface to discharge the water to the fire source.