External audit

22 April 2013
On the 25th and 26th of April the experts of the French company SNECMA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) carried out an international audit at ORPE Technologiya.

The audit was carried out within the framework of inspection of Power Jet Company engaged in the development and manufacture of advanced SaM-146 engines for a new generation of regional/trunk-route aircraft. For the first time in Russia the Enterprise specialized in the manufacture of PCM components was subjected to audit.

ORPE Technologiya manufactures sound-absorbing panels for the aircraft engine SaM-146 being the partner of Power Jet Company as well as NPO Saturn. The cooperation between the enterprises including the circulation of documents, coordination processes and monitoring were checked up. The experts gave recommendations on some problems. The audit proved the compliance of documentation maintenance level with the EU requirements.

The representative of EASA remarked that the process of cooperation of such big Russian companies with high level of competency was of special interest for him. The auditors’ opinion lying in the fact that there is no need in extraordinary audit of the Enterprise is a key indicator of the inspection.

European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) - EU (European Union) agency for the control of flights safety. The main task of EASA is ensuring of the highest level of civil aviation safety through the certification of aviation products, approval of aviation enterprises, development and implementation of European standardized regulations.

SNECMA - French company, one of the world leaders among the aerospace corporations engaged in the development and manufacture of aircraft engines.