ORPE Technologiya has doubled the supplies of structural optics for aviation and other industries

11 April 2018
JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin  (a member of RT-Chemcomposite of Rostec State Corporation), a leading developer and manufacturer of new composite materials,  grew revenue by 10% - up to RUB 6.2 billion in 2017. Increase in production of high-tech structures and articles of structural optics for the aerospace industry and railway transport was one of the growth promoting factors.

At the year-end, the aircraft glazing market share of ORPE Technologiya amounted to 45% (while in 2016 - 35%).  The company continues to be a leading supplier of rail-vehicle driver’s cabin glazing (70% market share, compared with 65% a year earlier).

“The company is successfully implementing the parity-basis strategy for non-military and military products through efficient cooperation with the customers in both directions. Sales growth was favored by the development of new materials and articles for such civilian branches as aerospace and heavy engineering. In particular, ORPE Technologiya has established production of articles from optical polycarbonate  - an advanced material having high impact toughness and half  as much weight as compared to silicate glass analogs”, said Sergei Abramov,  Industrial Director of Rostec Weapons Cluster.

In 2017, ORPE Technologiya executed contracts for the benefit of the space industry. The scope of supplies of thermal control panels and solar cell carriers for the space vehicles was increased by 10 % (180 – in 2017, 164 – in 2016). Within the framework of the ExoMars-2020 project, ORPE Technologiya jointly with the State Space Corporation Roscosmos introduced the technologies of manufacturing the composite descent module for the Mars rover vehicle.

Start of batch production of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic empennage components of MC-21 domestic airliner is among the company’s meaningful results.

As compared to 2016, ORPE Technologiya doubled the sales of the structural optics articles. The company enjoyed a 30% rise in sales of the aircraft glazing, most significantly for the helicopter engineering, heavy transport aircraft Il-76 and its modifications, including the renewed Il-76MD-90A. Also, there was a considerable increase in the output of the driver’s cabin glazing windows for the new railway vehicles.

In 2017, construction projects with a share of the governmental funding within the framework of three federal target programs were successfully implemented at ORPE Technologiya. Unique machine complexes of automated tape laying and out-of-autoclave  curing of polymeric composite materials were put into service. Besides, a new machine-tool area for machining of large-sized polymeric composite  materials articles was launched along with the start-up of the multifunctional CNC machining center for making of tooling and high-precision machining of products made of composite and other materials.

“That kind of equipment has been first brought into operation in Russia. Start-up of new divisions and state-of-the-art machine complexes will allow ORPE Technologiya to successfully solve the problems of serial production of polymeric composite structural members for the advanced aviation equipment in 2018”, noted Andrei Silkin, General Director of ORPE Technologiya.