The XX International Scientific and Technical Conference “Nonmetallic Structures and Technologies”

9 July 2013
We invite you to take part in the XX International Scientific and Technical Conference “Nonmetallic Structures and Technologies” 1-3 October 2013

Conference sponsors

· RF Ministry of Industry and Trade

· State Corporation “Rostechnologii”

· OJSC “RT-Chemcomposite”

· Russian Engineering Academy, Section “Materials Science and Technology”

· Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise “Technologiya” (Russia)

· STEVIK (France)

Conference goal

Scientific problems associated with the development of new materials and methods of manufacturing components from functional and structural ceramics, glass and glass ceramics, polymer composite materials; synthesis and investigation of material properties, design methods, method of manufacture, tests, practical use and commercialization of the investigation results.

Focal points

1. Ceramic materials and structures

2. Glass and optical coatings

3. Polymer composite materials (PCM) and structures

4. PCM structures repair

5. New! Innovation processes control

The following subjects are suggested for discussion at section 5 “Innovation process control”:

Organization of controlling innovative activity of enterprises, working under conditions of industrial innovations:

- Modern means to support innovations.

- Main approaches to the selection of innovative projects and their monitoring, methods of forming innovative project portfolios.

- Business planning of innovative projects, planning under conditions of budget financing of innovative projects.

- Problems of commercializing scientific investigations, specialized and associated innovations.

- Evaluation of innovative project efficiency.

- Analysis of R&D productivity, methods of estimating the influence of R&D results on enterprise profit.

- Innovative development prediction.

- Factors limiting innovative development of high-technology enterprises.

- Risk management in innovation project realization.

- Problems of cooperation between universities and business structures in the sphere of innovative activity.

Intellectual property management system at a R&D enterprise:

- Employee inventions, utility models and industrial designs: legal regime, legalization of employer and employee author’s relations, payment of remuneration for creation and use.

- Secrets of production (know-how): exclusive right handling procedure and problems of application in organization’s scientific and production activity.

- Legal regime of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, secrets of production (know how), created on account of the federal budget: balance of convenience for authors, government contract implementing organizations and the government.

- Book-keeping and fiscal accounting of intangible assets.

- Acquisition of legal protection for inventions, utility models and industrial designs abroad.

Lifecycle management for high-technology products

- Lifecycle management for innovative products. Design context.

- Lifecycle management for innovative products. Technological context.

- Automation of controlling the quality of innovation products.

The leading scientists and specialists as well as secondary school and higher school students engaged in scientific work are slated to make reports at the Conference. The abstracts of the papers will be published in the Conference collected volume.

Concerned companies are invited to take part in the advertising campaign:

· Publication of company’s logo and information about the company in the Conference collected volume

· Placement of company’s logo in the Conference program

· Placement of company’s logo in the information list of the Conference participant (directory sheet for the hotel accommodation)

· Placement of company’s logo on the Conference banner

Package rate: 35000 rubles (including VAT 18%)

Contact information:

Fax: (48439) 6-45-75 E-mail:

Technical secretaries:

Tel. (48439) 9-68-87 – Galina I. Kulikova (section 1)

Tel. (48439) 9-67-12 – Alla M. Kaplunova (section 2)

Tel. (48439) 9-67-55 – Lyubov A. Klimakova (section 3)

Tel. (48439) 9-68-85 – Aleksandra V. Sokolova (section 4)

Tel. (48439) 9-68-17 – Natalya N. Loskutova (section 5)

Conditions of participation

Send the application form for the participation in the Сonference and paper abstracts to the organizing committee address by fax or E-mail before 1 July 2013.

The information is on the website

Pay the arrangement fee before 1 August 2013.

A Conference participant’s registration fee is 3000 rubles, participation for schoolchildren and university students is free of charge and for graduate students is 200 rubles. The fee includes payment for the collected volume of paper abstracts, dinners and coffee break.

Payment requisites:

OJSC “ORPE Technologiya”, 15 Kiev Street, 249031 Obninsk, Kaluga Region

Taxpayer identification number 4025431260 Taxpayer record validity code 402501001

Branch № 8698 of “Sberbank of Russia”, Kaluga

Account 40702810622230102210 Bank identification code 042908612

Correspondent account 30101810100000000612

Contact information:

OJSC “ORPE Technologiya”, 15 Kiev Street, 249031 Obninsk, Kaluga Region

Tel. (48439) 9-67-72 – Natalya I. Yershova

Tel. (48439) 9-68-54 E-mail: – Antonina A. Kuznetsova

Place of the conference:

The Conference is to be held in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, in the premises of Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training “CICE&T”, 21 Kurchatova Street.

The participants’ arrival and registration is on 30 September 2013 in the hotel of Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training «CICE&T » located at the same address. The cost of rooms in the hotel: single – 2400 rubles, single comfort – 3000 rubles, double – 2700 rubles, double comfort – 4200 rubles, business-comfort – 3400 rubles.

The route is from Kievsky Rail Terminal in Moscow to Obninskoye Station by train to Maloyaroslavets and Kaluga.

The route is from the railway station in Obninsk by bus № 3,4,13,14 to the bus stop “CICE&T” (TSIPK).

Abstract Requirements

One copy of the abstract on 1-2 full pages (A4) including figures and tables should be submitted. The text must be typed in MS Word (version 7.0 and higher), Times New Roman 12. Margins: left – 3 cm, at the bottom – 2.5 cm, at the top – 2 cm, right – 1 cm. Paragraph indent – 1 cm. Line spacing – single.

Abstract preparation procedure: title (capital letters, semibold type); one interval lower – initial letters, names of authors (small letters, semibold type); one interval lower in parentheses – company, city, country; one interval lower – text.

Authors are responsible for the abstracts.

The abstracts should be sent by E-mail to:

The materials sent by fax are not accepted.

Report illustrations must be in electronic media.