The hydrofoil motor vessel Kometa is to have special transparencies

21 September 2017
ORPE Technologiya (a member of the state corporation ROSTEC, holding company RT-Chemcomposite) is to equip a batch of sea hydrofoil passenger vessels of a new generation Kometa 120M with high-technology transparencies from home-produced polycarbonate. Within the framework of the contract Technologiya is expected to supply sets for 12 motor vessels to the Customer.

The high-tech transparencies from solid polycarbonate produced by ORPE Technologiya feature high impact toughness, because their impact strength exceeds by more than 100 times the impact strength of the conventional silicate glass and by nearly 10 times the impact strength of the organic glass. The state-of-the-art transparencies have half the weight of the previously used silicate glass analogues, which is to provide higher sea stability of the vessel. To improve abrasion resistance, the transparencies for the batch-produced marine craft will be coated by a silicone lacquer.

In manufacturing the structural optics products for the hydrofoil vessel there has been applied the technology patented by the Enterprise, which makes it possible to carry out the output of products of nearly any shape, with the optical properties being preserved. Today, Technologiya has produced the first batch of transparencies for the prototype of Kometa 120M.

“The batch consists of 53 articles of structural optics meant to equip passenger compartments, crew cabins and other compartments of the hydrofoil vessel. The cooperation with the Russian ship-building enterprise has become possible due to the consolidation of scientific-technical, industrial and financial potentials of the RT-Chemcomposite enterprises - JSC “Institute of Technical Glass” and JSC «ORPE «Technologiya» named after A.G. Romashin». The introduction of new high-tech products on the advanced segments of the Russian civil market is one of the results of this synergy,” notes Kirill Shubsky, Director-General of RT-Chemcomposite.

The transparencies characteristics claimed are to be confirmed during the sea trials of the Kometa 120M, which are planned to be performed in the water area of the Black Sea in the fourth quarter of 2017. With the products being brought to the level of batch production, ORPE Technologiya is ready to produce 12 sets a year.

“The state-of-the-art transparencies from solid home-produced polycarbonate are being first installed on the Russian vessels, and this is a good tendency. The participation in the programme on batch production of new motor passenger vessels is the result of our work on cultivating the civil production market. According to the 2016 results, the Enterprise’s share of proceeds in the revenue structure from the realization of civil products has amounted to 24.5 %,” Andrei Silkin, Director-General of ORPE Technologiya, points out.

The hydrofoil vessel Kometa 120M is being built by JSC “Shipbuilding Plant “Vympel” according to the project of R.E.Alexeyev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau. The Kometa 120M is to provide passengers with a possibility of comfortable travels in modern spacious economy- and business-class compartments. The motor vessel is to be equipped with a rocking and overloading reduction system.