Т-500 airplane to be certified in 2018

20 July 2017
Within the framework of the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2017), Aviation Register of Russia and “MVEN Company” Ltd signed an agreement about cooperation in the field of certification of special airplane for aerochemical work Т-500 that was presented for the first time during the Salon.
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The parties agreed to complete the certification process by the end of 2017. In the first half of 2018 T-500 will receive the type certificate and become the first certified special airplane for agricultural use in modern Russia. After receiving of the type certificate JSC ORPE “Technologiya” named after A.G.Romashin” (a part of the holding company “RT-Chemcomposite”) and “MVEN Company” Ltd that are carrying out the project together, will start serial production of the airplane.

“Market research that was conducted confirms the high demand for this type of airplane not only in Russia but abroad as well. After the certification we are planning to start serial production of T-500 and in the long run to produce 60 airplanes a year”, - said Sergei Abramov, the Industrial Director of Rostec Weapons Cluster.

New generation special airplane for aerochemical work was presented for the first time during MAKS-2017. Within the framework of the Aviasalon the airplane will make its debut flight on the 23d of July.

“Wide range of application of the complex in general and of the T-500 separately makes this high-tech product very attractive to the customer. We are confident of commercial success because considering great value for money we have no competitors in the marketplace”, - said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE “Technologiya”.

Airframe was fully made of composite materials with the use of hot-pressing that is why the airplane can operate in regions with hot climate. Transparencies for T-500 are made of high-strength material with multifunctional coating that protects the pilot from environmental effects. Atomizing chemicals spraying system is adapted for use of modern ultralow-volume spraying method that provides economical and effective treatments with the newest types of chemicals.

T-500 can perform treatment of 150 ha per hour. The airplane can be used for environmental monitoring (especially during fire season), inspection of large industrial facilities, weather control, forest pest control, petroleum products spill response.