ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin and state leasing company signed a cooperation agreement

20 July 2017
ORPE Technologiya (the holding company RT-Chemcomposite, a part of the State Corporation Rostec) and ROSAGROLEASING signed a cooperation agreement on agricultural products sales. The Agreement concerns the Parties’ cooperation in the field of supply of agricultural aviation complexes, specifically the airplane T-500 manufactured at ORPE Technologiya. ROSAGROLEASING is to promote the said products sales by supplying the up-to-date equipment to agricultural producers on attractive terms of leasing.

“ROSTEC is ready to provide the agrarians with quality domestic products as the Corporation has all relevant competencies for this. The development of high-technology civil products’ manufacture in the course of conversion of the Enterprises forming part of Weapons Cluster is specified by the Corporation strategy. Collaboration with ROSAGROLEAZING can be developed both with regard to the T-500 production and to release of the advanced agricultural equipment components manufactured at ORPE Technologiya”, said Sergei Abramov, Industrial Director of Rostec Weapons Cluster.

Special airplane for aerochemical work T-500 was first presented by the State Corporation Rostec within the framework of MAKS-2017. The airframe is completely made from polymer composite materials by hot moulding, which makes it possible to operate the airplane in hot climate regions. The T-500 glazing made from high-strength material has multi-functional coating protecting the pilot from adverse environmental exposure. The new airplane capacity is more than 150 hectares of the treated area per hour.

“One of the high-priority tasks facing the Enterprise is entry into new civil markets. We are prepared to produce not only composite airplanes but also glazing products as well as heat- and sound-insulating engineering materials. Partnership with ROSAGROLEASING will make it possible to establish a contact with potential customers”, noted Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

”Rosagroleasing” Joint Stock Company is the state leasing company, founded in 2001, which is oriented to the solving of domestic agricultural sector technical modernization problems. At present, the range of leasing items offered by ROSAGROLEASING is more than 5 thousand names, and the total number of companies supplying means of production to domestic agrarians according to federal leasing system is close to 100 ones.