A new project of Rostec State Corporation was presented to the President of Russia at MAKS-2017

19 July 2017
Within the framework of MAKS-2017 official program President of Russia Vladimir Putin has become acquainted with the Rostec State Corporation new project on the creation of all-Russia system of aero-chemical works management and manufacture of the agricultural aviation complexes. Sergey Abramov, Industrial Director of Rostec Weapons Cluster, presented the project. Vladimir Putin viewed the special-purpose airplane T-500 located in the display area of ORPE Technologiya (a member of the holding company RT-Chemcomposite).

Sergey Abramov said that the new project on the creation of all-Russia system of aero-chemical works management is aimed at the improvement of food safety. Besides, it fully conforms to the Rostec strategic purpose to increase the share of civil products in the overall volume of income up to 50% by 2025. One of the main stages of the project will become a full-scale production of the agricultural airplanes T-500 the manufacture of which ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (Rostec State Corporation) has already begun. Sergey Abramov characterized the unique flight performance of the T500, its additional capabilities, the technologies used in the manufacture of this airplane.

“We are interested in the new project not only from the viewpoint of civil aviation development but also from the viewpoint of creating conditions for the intensive development of agriculture. Only half of farmlands in Russia are treated from the airplanes. Lack of special-purpose equipment is the main reason for this. At present Russia requires up to 2000 of up-to-date airplanes for aero-chemical works. The airplanes of this type are in demand abroad too,” said Sergey Abramov.

Vladimir Putin stressed the importance and urgency of the project for agriculture and wished success in its realization.