ORPE Technologiya glazing products meet the requirements of shipbuilding industry enterprises

29 June 2017
ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin has successfully passed the audit of the United Shipbuilding Corporation for the compliance with the requirements placed upon the suppliers of products and services. According to the results of the audit ORPE Technologiya was recommended to be registered in order and makers lists for ships being designed and built.
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The experts of the United Shipbuilding Corporation evaluated research and production capabilities of the Enterprise, quality management system, proficiency of staff and a number of other key factors. After the audit ORPE Technologiya was assigned to the enterprises of “A” category, which is the ground for developing full-fledged cooperation with the design bureau of the United Shipbuilding Corporation group within the framework of current and prospective projects.

“The enterprises of the shipbuilding industry place severe requirements on the suppliers. Our experience and potentialities allow us to be a full and reliable partner in solving the problems facing domestic shipbuilding industry,” said A. Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

ORPE Technologiya possesses great experience in the realization of projects for the shipbuilding industry. Specifically, the specialists of the Enterprise have created high-strength glazing for the atomic -powered ice-breaker “Rossiya” and high-strength illuminators for deep-operating vehicle “Mir”. Today ORPE Technologiya manufactures over 40 structural optics products for the shipbuilding industry.