ORPE Technologiya presented a new product at the joint meeting of collegiums of Kaluga Region Ministries

27 February 2017
The new material developed by ORPE Technologiya, structural honeycomb on the basis of glass fabric and polymeric binder, was demonstrated for the first time.
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The main advantage of this innovative GFRP honeycomb, alongside with high stress-strain, soundproof and thermal-insulating properties, is improved flexibility making it possible to recommend it for production of cylindrical sandwich structures. The work on the development of material was done as part of the scientific reserve for organization of its production at the enterprise for various industries.

“The unique GFRP honeycombs on the basis of glass fabric and polymeric binder developed at our enterprise will permit one to increase strength properties of products and make them attractive for various industries, first of all, aviation and space”, said Kirill Shubsky, Director General of the holding company RT-Chemcomposite.

“Development of innovative economy is one of the strategic tasks of the region, high priority of which was repeatedly stressed at the meeting of collegiums of Kaluga Region Ministries. Fulfillment of this task depends, among other things, on our enterprise’s activity”, noted Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

The participants in the event also saw other science-intensive products of ORPE Technologiya, particularly polycarbonate transparencies and other honeycomb samples produced by the enterprise.

The joint meeting of collegiums of Kaluga Region Ministries of Economic Development, Finance and Competition Policy was held on 22 Feb with the participation of Governor Anatoly Artamonov and Elmira Akhmeyeva, Director of the Regional Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The participants in the meeting discussed the issues of strategic development of the region and determined the ways of the government agencies’ cooperation in solution of social and economic problems under new challenges.