RT Chemcomposite and Larsen&Toubro have discussed the possibility of cooperation in civil sphere of activity

13 February 2017
The representatives of the holding company RT Chemcomposite (a member of the State Corporation Rostec) and Indian Corporation Larsen&Toubro have discussed the possibility of cooperation in a civil sphere of activity. Kirill Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite, introduced the Indian partners to the competences of the company in the field of composite and polymer materials production, structural optics and special chemistry. The guests took an active interest in the polycarbonate-based products of structural optics for aviation. The meeting took place in the territory of RT Chemcomposite leading enterprise ORPE Technologiya (Obninsk, Kaluga Region).
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“India is a strategic partner of Russia and the development of international cooperation in a civil sphere with this country is one of the key directions of RT Chemcomposite activities. We assume that the total volume of investments in joint projects with India may amount to over 100 million dollars,” said K. Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite.

The development of created by ORPE Technologiya tooling for the manufacture of large-sized structures from polymer composite materials for India may become one of the areas for the cooperation of RT Chemcomposite and Larsen&Toubro. The uniqueness of the tooling lies in the fact that it withstands more than 300 molding cycles without deterioration of end products quality. In turn, the representatives of the Indian Corporation are ready to deliver the equipment for the manufacture of double curvature products (for instance, canopy) to the enterprises of the holding company.

“The Indian Corporation Larsen&Toubro has been working with the companies of the State Corporation Rostec for a long time. Today we have discussed the possibility of widening cooperation in a civil sphere. Aviation, space, shipbuilding are the branches of industry where our cooperation will be mutually beneficial,” said A. Silkin, Deputy Director General of RT Chemcomposite - Director General of ORPE Technologiya.