RT-Chemcomposite and Russian Helicopters have discussed possibilities for cooperation

27 January 2017
The meeting of representatives of the holding companies RT-Chemcomposite and Russian Helicopters (member companies of the Rostec State Corporation) was held at the leading enterprise of RT-Chemcomposite – ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin. In the opinion of the parties, one of the promising lines of cooperation is the manufacture of structural optics items for helicopters, and in particular, the manufacture of unique electrically heated heterogeneous transparencies developed by the specialists of ORPE Technologiya, which ensure high operating safety of the equipment under adverse weather conditions.
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Besides, the enterprise in Obninsk is prepared to establish batch production of polycarbonate windshields and side windows for all the aircraft line produced by Russian Helicopters. The use of these structural optics items having unique properties (half as lightweight and twice as strong as silicate analogues) can provide helicopters gain in performance.

“At present, the holding company makes 25 types of different-purpose products for the enterprises of the helicopter industry, such as helicopter interior panels, transparencies including unique electrically heated triplex, adhesive films. We consider the partnership with the holding company Russian Helicopters as an additional approach to realization of non-defense products of the enterprises both in domestic and international markets”, said Kirill Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite.

“Development of cooperation with the enterprises of the helicopter industry, specifically in the civilian sector is one of priority business lines. The use of capabilities of RT-Chemcomposite as the national center for structural optics items, extensive experience, own scientific school, unique equipment enable us to meet the challenges of helicopter manufacturers”, said Andrei Silkin, Deputy General Director of the Holding Company RT-Chemcomposite – Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

The possibility of participation of Technologiya in retrofitting the existing helicopter fleet and joint efforts in production and maintenance of polymeric composite articles and structures were also the topics of discussion during the meeting.