Technologiya entered the top 10 innovative companies of Russia

28 December 2016
ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin entered the top 10 innovative companies of Russia’s fast-growing high-tech companies national rating TechUp according to the results of 2016.
«Технология» вошла в десятку лучших инновационных компаний России

The experts of the rating were assessing the technological level of the companies’ products, their novelty, intellectual activity as well as expenses for R&D and technological innovations.

Technologiya’s innovative product share in the total sales volume has been about 85-87% for several years. Almost one third of income is annually used for research. Annually the enterprise receives 25-30 patents for the results of intellectual activity. Another important criterion for identification of the rating leaders was the companies’ income growth rate. Over 2010–2015 ORPE Technologiya doubled this value: in 2015 the income was 4.9 milliard rubles. 4.3 milliard rubles therefrom accounted for new or significantly improved products.

“One third of our employees are engaged in applied research. Their intellectual activity results in real high-tech products which are for the most part unique”, stressed Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

Russia’s fast-growing high-tech companies national rating TechUp has been held since 2012. It is a respected and efficient instrument of search, monitoring and promotion of advanced fast-growing technological companies which are to play a key role in development and modernization of Russian technological branches. ORPE Technologiya has been a permanent participant in TechUp’s top 10 rating in various categories for the third year in a row.