XXI International scientific and technical conference “Structures and technologies of manufacture of nonmetallic products” opened in Obninsk

5 October 2016
The conference was organized by the State Research Center of the Russian Federation ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (the holding company RT-Chemcomposite of the State Corporation Rostec) with the support of the International Society of Advanced Materials and Technologies, Russia-CIS (SAMPE).

More than 180 delegates representing tens of enterprises and research institutions from seven countries registered on the first day. The plenary session was attended by Sergei Emelyanov, Director of the Aviation Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Dmitry Razumovsky, Minister of Economic Development of Kaluga Region, and Vladislav Shapsha, Head of Obninsk administration.

“Introduction of composites into the aircraft industry is a revolutionary process comparable with the transition from wooden to metallic airplanes. But as any new process, it uncovers lots of problems of new materials. Such conferences make it possible to rapidly solve these problems by joint efforts”, Sergei Emelyanov, Director of the Aviation Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, noted in his opening speech.

The plenary session was dedicated to the presentation of results of the developments in nonmetallic materials within the realization of the project of the first Russian passenger aircraft MS-21 as well as the discussion of new trends in breakthrough technologies. The reporters from the leading domestic competence centers presented the results and analysis of prospects for applying composite, glasslike and ceramic materials in the aircraft industry.

“At present, there is active work on the expansion of participation of the holding company’s enterprises in cooperation on production of the long-range aircraft МS-21. Our significant advantage is in formation of the National Center of Structural Optics in the holding company. Synergetic effect from the combined potentials of ORPE Technologiya and NITS leads our capabilities to the new level, stressed Kirill Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite.

The conference will close on October 7. On the second and third days, the delegates will participate in the sections “Polymer composite materials and structures”, “Special-purpose ceramics, glass and optical coatings” and “Management of innovative processes”. In addition, the individual round-table meeting “Youth view of science development in scientific institutions” will be held.

“The demand for such a discussion platform is proved by the fact that the conference is held for the twenty-first time. The base of progressive development today is cooperation, constant exchange of experience and timely monitoring of worldwide trends. It is such consolidation that the conference is organized for”, - in this way Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya, characterized the event.