Deputy College Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Yuri Mikhailov checks the article from the monolithic polycarbonate produced by ORPE Technologiya for strength

26 August 2016
On August 25, ORPE Technologiya held the session with the travelling panel of the Council for Technical Chemistry and Advanced Materials of the college of the Russian Military-Industrial Commission. Within the framework of the meeting, Yuri Mikhailov, Deputy College Chairman, got acquainted with the production of large-sized CFRP articles and was offered to test the article from the monolithic polycarbonate for strength. The glazing article stood up to the hammer blow.
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“A new type of glazing based on the monolithic polycarbonate for the state-of-the-art airborne vehicles is a unique product of ORPE TECHNOLOGIYA. Its impact toughness is 100 times more than that of the normal silicate glass and about 10 times, of the organic glass. Now, the helicopter Ka-62 having this glazing is in operation. The weight of the glazing is half the weight of the conventional one, and its strength is 200 times greater,” noted Kirill Shubsky, Director-General of RT-Chemcomposite.

The development of the advanced aeronautical engineering became the focal point of the travelling panel session of the Council. At the Enterprise, the participants of the business session had the opportunity to see the automated production of large-sized elements of the tail unit for the advanced domestic airliner MS-21.

ORPE TECHNOLOGIYA is one of the largest enterprises manufacturing the unique science-intensive products and having a high potential for innovations, research, production, and personnel. I know quite well the activity of this State Research Center, but today, I have been overtaken with surprise to see at first hand novel developments, articles, and advanced technologies,” said Yuri Mikhailov, head of the scientific and technical council of the Military-Industrial Complex, Deputy College Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission.