ORPE Technologiya combines the capabilities of clusters to solve industrial problems

8 August 2016
In Obninsk there was a discussion dedicated to the problems concerning reclamation and recycling of composite production waste. The representatives of the Altai Polymer Composite Cluster and the Cluster of Aerospace Technologies, Polymer Composite Materials and Structures of Kaluga Region, the anchor enterprise of which is ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin, participated in the said discussion.
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The acute subject of composite industry was raised for a definite reason. Demand and supply for polymer composite materials in Russia are consistently showing annual growth. Since 2013 the volume of the domestic market of polymer composite products has increased threefold accounting for nearly 50 billion rubles, the value predicted for 2020 is 120 billion rubles. With such significant growth rates and resistance of PCM to environmental factors the problem of reclamation and recycling of composite production waste is acute and has ecological nature.

As the participants of the discussion noted, there is a practice of applying products made of recycled waste in housing maintenance and utilities and production of construction materials. Abroad this problem is solved in two ways: by means of the state support and addition of waste reclamation expenses to the cost of products. In Russia neither of these models is used. Meanwhile the international practice can be used in domestic production, and the clusters’ residents are ready to take the lead role in the solution of this problem.

“Joint efforts of competence centers are quite an efficient means to solve industrial problems. It is the clusters that can be an effective link between the state and production that will enable not only to create a reliable interaction system within the industry but also will assist to develop the state economy”, said Director General of ORPE Technologiya Andrei Silkin.