ORPE Technologiya improves production efficiency

5 July 2016
The employees of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin have completed training under the program “Improvement of production processes at the expense of lean manufacturing”
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The training lasted two months and consisted of theoretical and practical parts. In their summary papers the trainees had to analyze one of the processes at the chosen production site from the viewpoint of lean manufacturing. They also had to show the ways of eliminating the losses. The analysis was carried out with such quality control tools as A3, Ishikawa chart, Pareto chart. On the recommendation of the experts the results of the investigations will be used in the production process. Training of employees in new approaches is one of the prerequisites to the rise in the production efficiency and competitive capacity of the Enterprise. Nowadays the competitive capacity depends not only on the quality of output goods but also on the quality of production processes and control over these processes. Widening the use of lean technologies and involving the employees in this process, the Enterprise aims to create highly efficient production system and to obtain real cost advantages.

“The introduction of Lean production methods at the Holding company has been performed since 2012. It is aimed at the increase of labor productivity up to 25%, reduction in time and production losses, improvement of production standards. More than 150 employees have been trained during this period. The Process Optimization Division has been set up at the Enterprise. As an experiment, one of the subdivisions is implementing the program within the framework of which the employees give their proposals on the improvement of production processes (Kaizen system). Visual management tools have been also developed,” said K. Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite.