ORPE Technologiya and United Shipbuilding Corporation discussed the “roadmap”

23 June 2016
The representatives of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) visited the State Research Centre of the Russian Federation ORPE «Technologiya» named after A.G.Romashin. Within the framework of the visit, they familiarized themselves with the production capabilities of the Enterprise as well as discussed the “roadmap” for the development of cooperation.
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The competencies of Technologiya in the development and batch production of high-technology special glazing products has aroused a considerable interest. Illuminators, cabin glazing and navigation lights are by far not all the products which can be produced by Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise to the benefit of shipbuilders. Let us say, glasses with a special coating produced by the stealth technology for warships can reduce the signature on radar screens. A high-strength, electrically-heated glazing can provide a reliable service of shipping in the Arctic Region. That is why, the collaboration on new projects implying a wide introduction of advanced technologies and materials will allow the competitive advantages of the domestic ship-building to be improved, which will affect favourably the economic security of the industry.

“Localization of the shipbuilding parts production on the territory of the country has taken on a special meaning over the last years due to the application of economic sanctions to Russia. The collaboration in the framework of the import substitution program can lead to the manufacture of completely domestic final products. The negotiations on collaboration conducted at Technologiya are one of the important steps on implementing this policy,” noted Kirill Shubsky, Director-General of the holding company RT-Chemcomposite.

“Translation of aviation and space technologies into the ship-building is one of the high-priority goals for us. The Technologiya’s potential, its actual capabilities as well as its great experience in the development of unique products make it possible to meet the needs of shipbuilders for polymer, composite and glass articles to the full extent. The “roadmap” is to be formed considering all these factors,” emphasized Andrei Silkin, Director-General of ORPE Technologiya.

ORPE Technologiya, having the experience of the development of high-technology structural optics articles for the deep-diving vehicle Mir and the atomic ice-breaker Rossiya, is performing a methodical work on widening its presence at the ship-building market. The start of collaboration on the “roadmap” with the United Shipbuilding Corporation is an important stage of the utmost effective use of the Enterprise’s competencies for this industry.

JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation is the largest shipbuilding company in Russia. It was established according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2007 with 100 % of shares in the federal ownership. The holding company includes nearly 40 shipbuilding enterprises and organizations (main shipbuilding and ship repair yards, leading design bureaus). At present, the USC has consolidated the most of the domestic shipbuilding complex. The Russian market is the major one for the state corporation, which also exports its products to 20 countries of the world.