The MS-21 presentation to the members of the airliner development cooperation

8 June 2016
The holding company RT-Chemcomposite and ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin took part in the MS-21 long-haul airliner of the 21st century first roll-out ceremony on June 8, 2016 in Irkutsk.
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ORPE Technologiya is a member of cooperation on the airliner MS-21development since 2011. Within the framework of the MS-21 project the enterprise has developed the composite fin torsion box components and torsion box stabilizer production technology. More than 4000 specimens and tail fin parts have been manufactured and delivered to the customer.

“The leading holding company cooperation on the projects significant to the domestic aerospace industry is a tradition. Having its own scientific complex and good production performance Technologiya has often confirmed its high efficiency”, the holding company RT- Chemcomposite Director General Kirill Shubskiy stressed.

The specified high technical characteristics of tail fin made of Technologiya components have successfully been confirmed in the course of various test operations. One of the key test results showed that the application of composite materials structures is by 20 - 30 % more reliable than the application of standard materials structures.

“If realization of the most advanced ideas into high-technology products is required Technologiya is competent to do it. The enterprise has gained its first experience of large composite structures production under the large-scale cooperation on the space shuttle Buran production. Cooperation on the MS-21 project development is a favorable advancement of previously laid traditions. The ability of scientific ideas implementation into serial production is our major competitive advantage”, ORPE Technologiya Director General A. Silkin stated.

The MS-21 long-haul airliner of the 21st century is a short-medium Russian haul airliner. The MS-21 is to be put into serial production in 2017. The uniqueness of the airliner is in wide application of innovative technologies together with composite materials which take 30-40 % of the airliner airframe.