Ka-62 has passed flight test

4 May 2016
The collective body of ORPE Technologiya, the member of the holding company RT-Chemcomposite (State Corporation Rostec), congratulates all participants of the program on the successful flight tests of the first prototype of the multipurpose helicopter Ka-62.

Within the framework of the program “Ka-62” the scientists of ORPE Technologiya have developed and manufactured the unique organo-organic birdproof triplex. The optical structure combines lightness with high strength characteristics. In the course of test check the triplex has passed the bird strike test to satisfaction and currently it has no analogs from the viewpoint of the set of characteristics. The development of organo-organic glazing for the Ka-62 is one of the stages of research and development work the result of which must be the appearance of heterogeneous electrically heated birdproof glazing for aviation in the domestic market.

“The evaluation of work performed by all participants of the program “Ka-62” is successful flight tests. We are proud of our involvement in such symbolic aviation project within the limits of which our scientists have developed the unique organo-organic birdproof triplex. Major multipurpose projects of this kind make it possible not only to combine best practices of domestic enterprises and gain invaluable experience but also to create products of the future,” said K. Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite.