The future of the composite industry is closely connected with the civilian sector

20 April 2016
The scientific and technical seminar was held at ORPE “Technologiya” named after A. G. Romashin in which the representatives of the industrial engineering group Fives, international group Porcher Industries (France), and Russian companies took part. The experts discussed the present-day developments, prospects, and trends of the composite industry.
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The scientific and technical seminar was held within the framework of the agreement on the production cooperation between ORPE Technologiya and Fives Group. The French colleagues presented their developments in the composite production and additive technologies having noted that the future of the industry is closely connected with the civilian sector. The experts from Russia confirmed that the composite industry is one of the promising sectors of the innovative economy, but Russian companies have to develop their potential. The volume of composite materials production in Russia is estimated to be tens of thousands of tons and amounts to nothing more than 0.3-0.5 % of the world market.

Meanwhile, the prospects for the Russian companies may be impressive, which is validated by the achievements of the Enterprise. The volume of the research and development and polymer composites supplies is increasing annually by not less than 20 percent, and the volume of output for the needs of the space industry has exceeded 18 tons of CFRP structures per year. The active introduction of advanced technologies, which reduce material and time costs of design and production, allow the output to be increased.

“The experience of the foreign colleagues confirms the necessity of further improvement of industrial and engineering processes. To apply the state-of-the-art possibilities means to improve the product competitiveness, and the interchange of experience with experts helps us to do it”, emphasized Kirill Shubsky, Director General of RT-Chemcomposite.

“Our company has been working with Russia for nearly a hundred years, and we are glad to offer our Russian partners the latest technologies and equipment”, noted in his turn Benoit Jaubert, Agency Head of the company Fives in Russia.