ORPE Technologiya participation in prestigious world conference on technical advances in the field of Optical Interference Coatings (OIC)

18 April 2016
The State Research Centre “ORPE “Technologiya” named after A.G. Romashin has taken part in the international contest within the framework of Optical Interference Coatings (OIC) conference. Obninsk scientists have presented their work in the Manufacturing Problem category.
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OIC-2016 participants were given a task to manufacture the optical filter on supplied blank substrate. The filter was to include tens or hundreds of different materials layers nanometers-thick formed in the required elk head shape. The bottom part of the filter was to be formed by transmittance spectrum while the top side was to be formed by the reflection spectrum of the coating. ORPE Technologiya scientists have manufactured the optical filter consisting of 47 layers. The electron-beam evaporated coating constitutes a metal-dielectric structure.

“The successful competitive task performance is possible only with the use of the available techniques, equipment and mathematical tools. This facilitates the designing and practical application of the multilayer structure the thickness of which varies from unities to hundreds of nanometers. The participation in the contest is a kind of examination of the enterprise compliance with the status of one of the leading optical coatings designers and manufacturers. Notwithstanding the fact that the competitive tasks are not of commercial value the gained experience has already been applied in the production field. Furthermore, Technologiya young engineers have acquired the invaluable practical experience being the result of the active participation in the work performance”, optical coatings laboratory chief Oleg Prosovskii stated.

Optical Interference Coatings contest participants are the leading world research and production organizations. ORPE Technologiya has taken part in Optical Interference Coatings contest for the second time. The unique experience in the field of structural optics anti-reflection or other coatings development and manufacture gives the enterprise the right to take the worthy place among the participants. The results of OIC-2016 contest will be summarized in Tucson (USA) on June 19-24.