Tailplane torsion box of the MS-21-300 has confirmed its reliability

16 March 2016
The MS-21-300 tailplane torsion box has passed the certification strength tests. FSUE TsAGI confirmed high reliability of the structure with constituent parts made at ORPE Technologiya.
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During the static certification tests the tailplane torsion box including ORPE Technologiya large-sized CFRP stringer panels was tested for bird strike resistance. Besides, the load bearing capacity of the structure under study with inflicted normalized damage up to its total fracture was determined.

“Within the framework of cooperative activities on the development of MS-21-300 airliner the Enterprise of the holding company has mastered the batch production of keel and tailplane torsion box parts from polymer composite materials: the Enterprise has manufactured over 4000 tail unit specimens and fragments. A wide introduction of computer-aided technologies for the manufacture of carbon filler-based polymer composite materials is a distinctive feature of the production process”, said K. Shubsky, Director General of RT-CHEMCOMPOSITE.