JEC World-2016: ORPE “Technologiya” named after A. G. Romashin and Airtech Europe agree upon collaboration

10 March 2016
ORPE “Technologiya” named after A. G. Romashin and Airtech Europe Sarl (Luxembourg) have agreed upon the collaboration in the field of advanced materials and technologies of composite products. The arrangements have been achieved on the first day of the International Specialized Exhibition JEC World Composites Show & Conferences-2016.
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According to the results of the negotiations conducted the parties have taken a decision that Airtech Europe Sarl will supply to TECHNOLOGIYA vacuum film packaging material, which is to be used primarily in the production of composite products within the framework of the international SaM-146 programme (development of aviation engines for the new generation regional airсraft).

According to Deputy Designer General of TECHNOLOGIYA Anatoly Khmelnitsky, the Enterprise’s interaction with Airtech Europe Sarl will lead to the development of collaboration with the company in Russia. “The use of advanced materials and technologies in composite production will make possible not only to reduce the production time but to increase the output due to the optimization of consumables. It means that we will be able to respond more flexibly to the requests of our customers”, Anatoly Khmelnitsky emphasized.

Within the context of the first day of Jec World Composites Show & Conferences-2016, the negotiations were also conducted with representatives from five companies of People’s Republic of China.

Airtech Europe Sarl is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum films and composite materials for the production of tooling in composite, adhesive, and mold building industries.