Special attention to lean manufacturing

27 November 2015
ORPE Technologiya management has completed training on the program of seminar-training “Creation of lean manufacturing system at the company”. The audience was given theoretical and practical cases on the introduction of lean technologies.
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The study was focused on wide introduction of lean technologies as one of the tools for the increase of enterprise competitive capacity. The program has been developed specially for the top management. It includes a number of practical tasks the fulfilment of which aids to identify and eliminate losses in the production process.

“The seminar is a part of our comprehensive program aimed at the broadening of spectrum of innovative management procedures in use. The introduction of lean technologies and the realization of this tool significance by the Enterprise management are indispensable conditions for the manufacture of merchantable products and elimination of explicit and concealed losses in the production process”, said V. Korsachev, Quality Director of ORPE Technologiya.

The introduction of lean technologies at the Enterprise began in 2013. The establishment of Process Optimization Department and the use of 5S system have made it possible to train the workers and foremen of the pilot shop in lean manufacturing methods in a short time, with a consequent improvement of workmanship.

Lean manufacturing is a concept of production enterprise management based on the permanent striving for the elimination of all kinds of losses.