ORPE Technologiya introduces aviation technologies into civil branches

17 November 2015
Based on the experience gained in various aviation projects, the scientists of ORPE Technologiya have mastered the manufacture of light filters with heat-protective characteristics. A unique interference coating applied to glass reduces the infrared component of the spectrum.
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One of the distinctive features of interference dielectric coatings is the possibility to transmit optical radiation of specific spectral range. The specialists of ORPE Technologiya have developed the composition and application method for the coating shutting off the heat component. When the light filter with such a coating is mounted in front of the lighting instrument condenser lens the heat load decreases several times which is of particular importance in the manufacture of studio and stage lighting equipment with high heat emissions.

“Both method of application and unique characteristics of the coating exemplify the transfer of high aviation technologies into other industrial sectors. Experience gained in the development and manufacture of specimen products for aerospace industry makes us possible to offer the customers high-tech products having no analogs from the viewpoint of characteristics and price/quality ratio”, said A. Silkin, Head of the Enterprise.

The heat filter technology is based on the results obtained in the development of multifunctional metallooptical coating for cockpit glazing. The technology developed by Obninsk scientists have made it possible to substantially reduce the effects of UV, magnetic and solar radiation as well as other negative factors on the pilot.