ORPE Technologoya develops an organic electrically-heated glazing for aviation

22 October 2015
The scientists of A.G. Romashin Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya in close collaboration with the VIAM team have developed a technology of organo-organic electrically-heated birdproof glazing. The triplex developed by the unique technology weighs 2.5 times less as compared with the silicate analogue and fully complies with the requirements specified for the optical articles used in the aviation industry.
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Having accepted the challenge, the specialists of ORPE Technologiya succeeded in finding the unconventional ways for solving the problems emerging in the course of the organic electrically-heated aviation glazing development. Besides the innovative method for the application of the current-conducting coating on the cold surface, the scientists from Obninsk have developed an innovative technique for the integration of the heated layer and current-carrying elements in the organic glass having a softer surface as compared with the silicate one.

“The innovative technology developed by our specialists does not have analogues in the world concerning the price-quality relationship. In fact, the Enterprise’s staff members have confirmed their highest professionalism and great scientific potential once again”, General Executive of ORPE Technologiya A. Silkin noted.

The specimen produced features a uniformly heated surface and excellent optical properties. The testing has confirmed all the characteristics claimed. The experience gained will be used in developing the organic electrically-heated glazing for the domestic Ka-62 helicopter.