Innovative design solutions improve production quality of ORPE Technologiya

11 September 2015
Romashin Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya (Obninsk) has successfully applied a new design approach which made it possible to minimize during the production thermal deformations of the large-sized, dimensionally stable carbon fiber-reinforced plastic structures for the aerospace industry. The static testing of the antenna platform, developed using the innovative solutions, has successfully been performed at FGUP TsNIIMASH.
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The large-sized, dimensionally stable antenna platforms designed to equip Russian space vehicles have unique characteristics. Having the dead weight of only thirty kilos the structure is capable of bearing up to 250 kilos and meets all the requirements on the precise positioning of the equipment and systems installed.

“The employees of the Enterprise are highly-qualified and have eagerness for ongoing self-improvement. It is the effective introduction of in-house developments that provides the leadership of the Enterprise in the market of science-intensive and high-tech polymer composite products for the aerospace industry”, Director General of ORPE Technologiya Oleg Komissar noted.

The thermal vacuum testing of the platform is to take place in the nearest future. The structure shall verify the stability of dimensions and shape claimed under the influence of external factors.

It should be noted that the patent has been taken out for the design developed by the specialists of ORPE Technologiya.