The production startup of the units for the aircraft MS-21-300 flight tests at ORPE Technologiya

7 September 2015
JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin has launched the production of the tail fin components made of polymer composites for the MS-21flight tests. The aircraft MS-21 is the long-haul aircraft of the 21st century. The ceremony dedicated to the national aircraft industry-relevant event took place on September 7th at an Enterprise production shop.
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The production of the aircraft MS-21 family is a unique Russian project involving innovative technologies development and implementation. The application of the composite materials technologies is to ensure the competitiveness of the aircraft on engineering and economic characteristics. The composite components weight in the aircraft design range from 30% to 40%.

“The scientific backlog collected from the work on the reusable space shuttle “Buran” or the Large Hadron Collider projects was applied in the modern developments forming the basis of the home aerospace industry power. It is the continuous progress in science and technology that lets us be the leader of the industry”, Director General Oleg Komissar marked during the ceremony of the aircraft MS-21 units production startup.

Note that within the framework of the cooperation on the aircraft production the Enterprise technical specialists have worked out the production technology of the fin torsion box and the stabilizer components made of polymer composites. The peculiar feature of the production technology is the large-scale implementation of the automatically controlled operations. In the course of the works more than 4000 samples and details for the tail fins have been produced and delivered to the customers. The aircraft assembled from Obninsk components by “Aviastar-SP” have successfully passed the dynamic tests in TSAGI.