ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin presents awards for the development of BURAN to the VIAM employees

19 August 2015
Eleven employees of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM) have been awarded the commemorative medals “For the Buran Spacecraft Development”. The VIAM scientists have received the award, instituted by the State Research Center of the Russian Federation A.G. Romashin Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya (Obninsk) in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Buran’s flight, for their personal contribution into the development of the unique space system.
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The development of the Soviet reusable space transportation system “Energia-Buran” has defined the development vector of some technologies being successfully applied in the present-day science-intensive production. One more important result of the work has become the obtaining of the experience of the largest in the aerospace industry history cooperation for the implementation of the grand project. The collaboration traditions introduced between VIAM and ORPE Technologiya are making a worthiful progress at present.

During the years of collaboration and by joint efforts, there was developed the unique thermal protection for the spacecraft, consisting of almost 36 thousand ceramic tiles. Within the project framework there has been developed the ceramic material retaining its strength in the widest temperature range. It is for this space system that for the first time in the country there have been produced large-size polymer composite payload section doors with an overall length of nearly 18 m.

“The VIAM experts have had a great influence on the formation and evolution of ORPE Technologiya, and Buran has rallied our teams. The collaborative work on the epoch-making project has demonstrated that we can solve the most complicated problems by combining our efforts. These commemorative decorations are a tribute of respect for your professionalism”, Director General O. Komissar said, presenting the medals.