A day with Airtech

27 May 2015
Airtech company (Luxembourg) held a scientific workshop for specialists of ORPE Technologiya. Within the framework of the meeting representatives of Airtech introduced participants to recent developments of the company aimed at enhancing efficiency of composite materials.
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“Cooperation of ORPE Technologiya and Airtech has been lasting for over ten years and we hope it will continue. We use the products of this company in the manufacture of components for the airplanes SSJ-100 and MS-21. Developed some years ago workshop format contributes to active introduction of company`s progressive developments,” mentioned Director General Oleg Komissar.

Nearly all innovations presented by Airtech possess significant characteristics for the Obninsk enterprise including wide temperature range of use, application on complex geometrical surfaces, as well as in conditions of production requiring increased range of purity.

Airtech Europe Sarlone of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum bagging films and composite tooling materials in composite, adhesive and forming branches.