AKOTECH Association is open for cooperation

26 May 2015
Within the framework of the Russian Science Cities Union meeting in Obninsk, a tripartite cooperation agreement between AKOTECH Association, Altai Polymer Composite Cluster and АIRKO (Agency for Innovation Development of Kaluga Region) was signed.
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The partners plan to combine their efforts in the development and production of high-tech products with the following their commercialization.

“Each party has its own indisputable advantages. However, combined efforts in research, production and marketing can have synergistic effect and appreciably strengthen the position of companies-cluster members both in domestic and international market”, said O. Komissar, Director General of ORPE Technologiya

Kaluga region has a stable position in the field of research, development and technological efforts for aviation and also in the field of legal and financial support of innovative projects. And the Altai Competencies Center is geared to the increase of overall production and consumption of innovative products in the region and to the development of specialist training and upgrading system.

In the near future the contracting parties will organize the working group for the development of the collaboration mechanisms.