ORPE Technologiya has got International Standard Certificate IRIS

6 April 2015
The certificate obtained by ORPE Technologiya proves the compliance of the Enterprise business management system with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). The ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Certification Association “Russian Register”.
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The basic requirement for obtaining the certificate of conformity to IRIS is the availability of effective resource management system, the system for the control of product life cycle processes, and a number of other key indicators.

From the beginning of 2015 the availability of IRIS certificate is the basic demand placed by OJSC “RZD” on the company’s suppliers. The standard was developed by the Association of the European Rail Industry UNIFE with the help of the biggest manufacturers of railway equipment such as Bombardier and Siemens.

The Certification Association “Russian Register” is an authorized organization certifying the enterprise business management systems for the compliance with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS).