16 March 2015
ORPE Technologiya exhibited high-tech developments for aviation at the International Specialized Anniversary Exhibition JEC Composites Show in Paris.
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ORPE Technologiya products were the basic items of the OJSC RT-Chemcomposite exposition and demonstrated ample opportunities of the Enterprise. The unique sound-absorbing structures for the SAM-146 engine, elements of glazing and fragments of composite primary structures for the advanced Russian airliner MS-21 enabled the participants of the exhibition to appreciate a high level of ORPE Technologiya developments and technologies.

“The exhibition observed its fiftieth anniversary is a good site for the demonstration of our achievements to the potential partners. The possibility to get an insight into the basic trends in aviation and to establish productive international cooperation is equally important”, said O. Komissar, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

A number of consultations took part within the framework of this event. The communications with long standing partners from Fives Group and Airtech Europe Sarl companies made it possible to confirm current agreements and to draw up the guidelines for expanding relationship. Besides, the Enterprise managers conducted productive talks with the representatives of different structural departments of Airbus company. In particular, the possibility to manufacture glazing repair kits for the Airbus airplanes used by home air carriers at ORPE Technologiya attracted the interest of the Airbus representatives.