High opinion of war and patriotic work

26 February 2015
The group of specialists of ORPE “Technologiya” received the non-governmental public award “Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov” for the achievements in war and patriotic work. In the ceremonial atmosphere the Hero of the Soviet Union, honored test pilot of the USSR Viktor Pugachyov handed out the medals.
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The commemorative badges were given to six employees of the enterprise as recognition of their achievements in patriotic education of the youth and increasing prestige of military service.

“For the overwhelming majority of our employees showing their patriotism is not just a formal duty, but a very important element of culture. Moreover, it is very symbolic that the representatives of different age received these awards, what demonstrates intergenerational continuity”, - said Director General O. Komissar.

ORPE “Technologiya” works a lot on keeping memory of the heroic act of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War and teaching the young generation to love their Fatherland. This activity is systematic and involves not only the young employees, but also schoolchildren of Obninsk.

The commemorative medal “Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov” was handed out to the members of the crew “Ilyinsky patrol”, the author of the monument to the participants of the Great Patriotic War, placed at the recreation center “Ugra”, and the chairman of the union local committee of the enterprise.