ORPE “Technologiya” confirmed high quality of its railway glazing

17 February 2015
At ORPE “Technologiya” the experts of the federal budgetary organization “Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport” (FBO “RCFRT”) conducted a recertification audit of the quality of the glazing articles, which are produced by the enterprise for the railway transport.
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During the audit test both the general state of production and a number of its special aspects were estimated. In particular, the auditors analyzed the quality management system and evaluated the level of the enterprise’s equipment and the way the quality inspection of products is organized.

“High quality of our products is based on the professional level of the specialists, developed scientific component and continuous process of production modernization with wide implementation of automated technologies”, - said Director General O.Komissar.

All the side and windshield (heated and nonheated) railway glazing products of ORPE “Technologiya” were recertified. This type of products of the enterprise is much in demand, in particular, on the international market.

As it was mentioned, the Berlin exhibition InnoTrans – 2014 presented the Czech CZ Loko ТМEZ–020 shunting locomotive, with its windshield and driver’s cabin door glazing produced by the Obninsk enterprise.