ORPE “Technologiya” plans to develop cooperation with China

30 January 2015
The representatives of ORPE “Technologiya” management paid a working visit to China. During the visit there were a number of meetings with representatives of the Beijing Institute of Aviation Materials (BIAM). The negotiations resulted in signing a cooperation protocol.
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ORPE “Technologiya” and one of the leading Chinese institutes start their cooperation on producing a new type of heterogeneous glazing for a high-speed train driver’s cabin. The project, which is to be launched this year, is planned to be finished with a prototype test in 2016. The Chinese part will develop the organic part of glazing and bonding material, while the Obninsk enterprise will work on the silicate component and composition bonding technology.

“Combining scientific potential of the two large competence centers will enable not only to obtain an internationally competitive product, but also will help to fix our positions in Asian-Pacific Region”, - Director General O. Komissar commented on the visit results.

The prototype tests are supposed to be held at ORPE “Technologiya”, which possesses a unique ground for dynamic tests. One more result of the visit is that the enterprise and the Beijing Institute of Aviation Materials agreed to cooperate on the production of glazing for the Russian-Chinese advanced wide-body aircraft.