ORPE “Technologiya” introduces its own developments

28 January 2015
ORPE “Technologiya” patented and introduced specialized equipment for glass sheet bending into production. The structure for the manufacturing of complex profile articles has a number of unique advantages over its counterparts and it can be used for aviation and railway transport glazing.
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The conventional method of obtaining curved glass preforms by bending on special molds with specified surface curvature with temperature difference cycling has a number of significant flaws: the process is labor-intensive, power-consuming and not always providing conformance to geometrical parameters or optical characteristics of a final product.

The specialists of ORPE “Technologiya” managed to solve the problem of effective adjustment of a molding frame curvature, what enabled to eliminate the disadvantages of the conventional method. The tests of the new equipment confirmed high efficiency of the invention. Today the structure is introduced into the enterprise’s own production, providing Obninsk specialized glazing products with unique technical characteristics.

“Availability of our own scientific component is our unconditional advantage. Developing science-intensive technologies rather than buying them makes it possible for the staff to look forward with confidence”, - said Director General Oleg Komissar.