Employees of ORPE “Technologiya” received departmental awards

20 January 2015
In accordance with the order of the Federal Space Agency five employees of ORPE “Technologiya” received the Roscosmos departmental awards. The specialists, who made a personal creative contribution to the realization of space programs and projects, were awarded Certificates of honour and the Korolev badge.
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Space engineering is one of the main activity areas of the Obninsk enterprise due to supplying for several decades a wide range of nose cones and local primary PCM structures for space industry. Last year ORPE “Technologiya” played a full role in producing the rocket and space complex Angara and modernizing the fourth-phase launch vehicle Proton-М.

“The enterprise has been in effective cooperation with domestic rocket production leaders for a long time. Significant work experience, high production standards and advanced equipment make it possible to reasonably consider our staff a joint creator of almost all achievements of Russian cosmonautics”, - Director General of ORPE “Technologiya” O. Komissar commented on the presentation of awards.

As it was mentioned, the enterprise was quite successful in the projects aimed at developing new generation spacecraft. Thus, with the help of partners it became possible to integrate the satellite framework into temperature control panels at the stage of panel production, what reduced the spacecraft assembly terms from half a year to ten minutes. The development was successfully implemented in the satellite EgyptSat-2.