ORPE Technologiya presents a composite cluster at the Kaluga Forum

17 December 2014
ORPE Technologiya took part in the Kaluga Forum “New opportunities for business development– import substitution. Prospects for international cooperation in the modern context”.
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Speaking at the plenary meeting the governor of the Kaluga region A. Artamonov assessed the economic status of the region, noted significance of import substitution as the most important element of economic policy and a crucial factor to ensure sustainable development of the Russian economy.

The representative of ORPE Technologiya O. Koval, who is the CEO of “Kaluga region cluster of aerospace polymer composite materials and structures technologies” formed on the basis of the enterprise, made a report about the future of the cluster.

According to expert opinion, that is the cluster development that can increase competitive advantages of enterprises, thereby it contributes to solving topical problems for the region economy. Among the purposes of the new association are carrying-out the programmes of qualified personnel training for knowledge-intensive industry, joining the international cooperation via the European Aerospace Cluster Association and solving problems of import substitution.