Aerospace cluster starts its work

11 December 2014
At a strategy session held in ORPE Technologiya a new cluster was officially launched in the Kaluga region. The Kaluga region cluster of aerospace polymer composite materials and structures technologies was registered in the form of an Association; Director General of ORPE Technologiya Oleg Komissar was elected as a chairman of the board.
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The main objective of the Association is to assist members of the cluster in the formation of a high-tech complex in the territory of the Kaluga region. Currently it incorporates more than twenty enterprises with about 10 thousand people. Among the cluster purposes is cooperation in research-and-development activities aimed at decision of long-run objectives for aerospace industry and its needs.

“The fact that State Research Centre of the Russian Federation ORPE Technologiya and Agency for innovation development of Kaluga region are a part of a new structure, its geographic advantage, a well-considered strategy, understanding of prospects and market demand for innovative products allow us to say with confidence that in the Kaluga region there is a new high potential competence centre aimed at making the best use of intellectual and economic resources of the region for developing hi-tech knowledge-intensive industries,” O. Komissar, Director General of ORPE Technologiya commented the formation of the cluster.

Simultaneously they will solve a number of problems which are of great importance for the members of the cluster and the whole region., Among them are personnel training for knowledge-intensive industry, research and development in the field of polymer composite materials, structures and technologies considering the needs of the region in the civilian sectors of economic activity as well as development of partnership relations with colleagues including those at the international level.