ORPE Technologiya develops a unique solar collector

24 November 2014
Scientists of ORPE Technologiya have patented a unique solar collector. The invention can be used as a thermal energy source.
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The high-technology development of the Obninsk specialists is a heat-absorbing surface in the form of reversed regular frustums of pyramid or cone made from a high-index material and having mirror side faces. Whereby the bigger bases of pyramid or cone form the outer surface and the smaller ones point at a heat exchanger. It enabled to significantly simplify the construction and manufacturing technology of the collector, as well as to increase coolant temperature by reducing energy radiation into the environment.

“The obtained patent confirms the high potential of the scientific component of the Enterprise in creating high technology products,” Director General of ORPE Technologiya O.Komissar noted.

It should be noted that solar converters are in good demand. Without centralized heat supply it is solar systems which become the most reliable and cost-effective heat source. Solar collectors find application both in housing construction and in industry particularly as reserve heating or water heating methods.