A decent result of the young scientist from ORPE Technologiya

23 October 2014
The process engineer Dmitri Rusakov from ORPE Technologiya has become the second in accordance with the results of “Autumn Scientific Battles” held at the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow. He gained the right to take part in the Competition aimed at the enhancement of scientific research significance among the young at the qualifying stage of the Youth Science Days in Obninsk.
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According to the project requirements, the participant must be no more than 35 years old and the report must be based only on his or her own research study in any field of science. The subject of the young scientist’s paper from the first Science Town in Russia is “New Methods of Nondestructive Testing of Polymer Composite Material Components”.

“I am glad that our young people are taking an active interest in applied research. The results of their work play an important pole in the achievements of the Enterprise”, said O. Komissar, Director General of ORPE Technologiya