Unique Developments of ORPE Technologiya in the Area of Spaceship Components Manufacture

15 September 2014
Within the framework of the 2nd International Conference the specialists of ORPE Technologiya reported on the unique experience in the area of manufacture of spaceship components.
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A.Khmelnitsky, Deputy Director General, told the participants of the Conference about the efficiency and prospects of using new materials for spaceship temperature control system panels. He pooled the experience of ORPE Technologiya and RPE Tais joint efforts in the development of CFRP skins for thermal honeycomb panels used in space vehicles.

Two Enterprises combined their efforts and for the first time in Russia a honeycomb panel from heat-conducting ultrahigh-modulus carbon fiber material was manufactured – the analog of the existing metallic panel. A unique product from heat-conducting CFRP is much lighter in weight than the aluminum one and at the same time it is much stronger. Besides its heat conductivity is twice as much. The Enterprise is going to use the obtained results in the work on the space system ARCTIC.

“The role of international cooperation in the outer space exploration is very important. The conferences of this kind make it possible not only to exchange experience but also to establish advantageous partnerships with long-term prospects”, said O.Komissar, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.