ORPE Technologiya receives a delegation from China

9 September 2014
The delegation of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials АVIК visited ORPE Technologiya. During their visit the guests had an opportunity to get acquainted with the development and batch production of the special glazing having unique properties.
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The institute management showed a keen interest in the experience of the enterprise, a distinctive feature of which is an effective combination of scientific and production components. The Chinese laboratory has a similar structure, and its representatives are interested in establishing sound cooperation with Russian colleagues, having great theoretical and practical experience, especially in research and production of silicate glass articles.

“Development of cooperation on international projects is one of the most significant components of the strategy of the development of ORPE Technologiya. We are ready to consider prospective cooperation with Chinese colleagues on producing Russian-Chinese wide-body aircraft. The research and production capacity of the enterprise enables to organize batch production of navigation lights, silicate glass articles for a pilot cockpit and organic glazing for a passenger cabin”, -said Director General of the enterprise O. Komissar.

One more aspect of potential cooperation involves the capabilities of ORPE Technologiya in the sphere of certification tests. Nowadays the colleagues from China are working at production of windshield glazing for high-speed trains. The unique testing area of ORPE Technologiya enables to obtain an objective evaluation of strength properties, what will eventually have a positive effect on passengers’ safety and competitiveness of products.