ORPE Technologiya is to participate in a new space project

4 September 2014
The agreement between OJSC ORPE Technologiya and the state-owned enterprise S.A. Lavochkin Research and Production Association on collaboration in the development of the multi-purpose space system Arktika has been signed in the context of the business part of the programme made for the international exhibition “GIDROAVIASALON 2014”.
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According to the agreements achieved, ORPE Technologiya is to develop multilayer carbon fiber-reinforced plastic dual-purpose structures for the first space vehicle of the system: they can perform the functions of a space vehicle body and simultaneously serve as an area for the payload accommodation.

“Owing to our colleagues from Obninsk we have succeeded in the development of a temperature-control system for space vehicles using composite panels, their thermal conductivity and weight exceeding more than two times those of the aluminium analogue. I saw nothing of the kind even abroad. Due to the uniqueness of the structure the service life of the vehicle will be more than ten years, which exceeds several times the normal operating life”, noted Designer General of the Lavochkin Research and Production Association Konstantin Goncharov.

It should be noted that the collaboration of the two scientific organizations is based on the traditions of long standing and has proved to be productive more than once.