Having no analogs heterogeneous triplex at ORPE Technologiya

10 July 2014
The dynamic tests of bird-proof organo-silicate triplex for the domestic helicopter Ka-62 were carried out successfully at ORPE Technologiya. The evaluation of strength characteristics completed one more stage in the development of heterogeneous bird-proof electrically heated glazing for aviation.
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The specialists of the Enterprise succeeded in the development of the unique technology of the dissimilar materials bonding. The resulting unique heterogeneous glass composition combines the best characteristics of the traditional for aviation silicate and organic glass. The outer layer of the triplex, thin silicate glass, offer high abrasion resistance which provides a possibility to make the unique triplex electrically heated in the near future. The inner layer of the triplex from organic glass imparts high strength to the composition under overall reduction in weight.

The dynamic tests of the triplex created with the use of a unique technology were performed at ORPE Technologiya test site. The triplex withstood the impact of a 1 kg bird shot from the pneumatic launcher at a speed of 270 km/hr. The basic requirement providing the pilot’s safety – lack of reach-through breakdown – was fulfilled.

“The successful tests of the new composition testify that our specialists are ready for the beginning of the next stage of work: development of bird-proof electrically heated organo-organic aircraft glazing in collaboration with VIAM. The engineering solutions and unique technologies developed will certainly find a wide utility in solving this complicated problem,” says Director General O. Komissar.