ORPE Technologiya is a co-author of the historical event

9 July 2014
On 9 July, the advanced light carrier rocket Angara-1.2 PP, having the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic nose fairing shells developed and produced by the specialists of ORPE Technologiya, was successfully launched for the first time. Owing to the use of these shells, there has been made possible the reduction of the structure weight by 1.5 ton.
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Angara is the first carrier rocket developed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Since 2009, the Enterprise’s specialists in close cooperation with the Khrunichev State Space Flight Research-and-Production Centre have been working on the development of the first Russian general-purpose rocket designed without S.P. Korolyov.

“The successful tests of Angara have secured our country an independent guaranteed access to the space, as far as the rocket was developed and produced entirely by the efforts of the Russian enterprises. The historical for the home cosmonautics event is comparable in its significance to the development of the manned space craft Buran”, Director-General O. Komissar said.

ORPE Technologiya has been successfully cooperating with the Khrunichev State Space Flight Research-and-Production Centre for about two decades in the framework of various projects. Among them the development of the carrier rockets Proton-M, Rokot, Angara, and the South Korean cariier rocket Naro. At present, the Enterprise is batch-producing and steadily modifying the oversize carbon fiber-reinforced plastic nose fairings with a diameter of more than 4 mm and area of about 30 sq. m, integral cylindrical sections, fairings for rocket stages and upper-stages.