ORPE Technologiya develops international cooperation in the course of the 1st China-Russia Expo

2 July 2014
The Enterprise is ready to offer the potential partners high-strength railway and aircraft glazing meeting the stringent requirements of the international standards. Taking into account the fact that the Chinese air carriers use a lot of Russian airplanes, the Enterprise can deliver the repair sets of glasses.
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The participation in Russian-Chinese project on the development of a wide-body aircraft can become one more area of cooperation. The scientific and practical experience obtained during the creation of advanced Russian aircraft MS-21provides a possibility of taking part in the development and manufacture of polymer composite material components for the fuselage, wing and tail-plane primary structures.

The experience and research and production capacities of ORPE Technologiya make it possible to perform a total cycle of creation of tailor-made products from the stage of development to the stage of batch production in the right quantities.